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Love is expressed in various ways! Whatever the way is, “LOVE ALWAYS HAS TO BE PURE & SELFLESS”.

To me, love is a Father & a Daughter’s relationship, which is so pure.

A daughter is her father’s pride. She is a Girl who is more than a princess for him.

No Doubt every daughter is been brought up like a princess by her father. J

The best part is her unending demands are always met by her father, no matter whether they are reasonable or unreasonable demands; they will always be fulfilled by her father.

So when daughters are small or rather growing up, father takes her to school, drops her to the college & makes coffee for her late night studies during her exams.

He is the man, whom she always looks up to , be it anything, in joy or in problem.

So when she is grown up, finds a partner for her life,she always wants the qualities her father has! Why? Because he fulfills all the demands?  Nooo, Not at all, it’s because the love between them is so self-less n pure!!!

Love to me is a father coming home at night & a daughter giving him a warm hug after his long day at office!

Love to me is a father teasing his daughter for giving money for her dresses & parties!

Love to me is a fight between both of them for a T.V remote control over AWARDS & CRICKET MATCH!

Love to me is fathers letting their daughter go with a heavy heart to another man, who is taking his daughter away from him forever!

Love to me is father & daughter playing pranks on his wife & her mother!

Love to Me is My FATHER !

Cheers to  all the Father & Daughter in this world!

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