Love is Relishing every bite of others Chocolate

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Un cuore nel cioccolato

I am a complete chocoholic. But you know what, there is more fun in eating chocolates of others instead of buying on your own.

Let me share a small example which happens with almost everyone.

Imagine, you are in a crowd and someone is eating chocolate in front of you. You feel tempted. Some may even feel greedy and drooling to have a bite of that chocolate. I dont mind adding “YOU GET BHUKKADON WALI FEELING” At that moment, one bite of that chocolate is more relishing and satisfying than that one full chocolate that you buy. When you have your own chocolate, you know you are going to have every bit of it.

That feeling is LOVE!!! LOVE FOR CHOCOLATES 😛

Well I have my own ways of sharing this LOVE FOR CHOCOLATES. It’s more fun when you get a chocolate as a gift or someone sharing the chocolate with you (not your chocolate… their chocolate… LOL). Its even more fun when you steal the chocolate smartly from your loved ones, Its even more fun when you grabbed the chocolate from your loved one – and they get angry, upset, cry and you are shamelessly enjoying and relishing every bite of their chocolate in front of them. This is so sweet and cute sharing of Love with your loved ones. You know even if you do it, they still love you for this.. or may be… they love you even more for this cuteness and these mischief’s. In that moment, Love is the acceptance that other person shows when you do all tantrums to get their chocolate. You steal / grab or fight with them for their chocolate because you love them and they fight / try to hide and accept you with all these “HATH-KANDE”… JUST BECAUSE THEY LOVE YOU! You will never do so with strangers. You feel comfortable to even steal and fight for chocolate with all your loved ones, its natural here.

CHOCOLATE IS THE WAY OF SHARING LOVE, A CUTE RELATIONSHIP! – be it a friend, girl/ boy friend / husband-wife / Siblings,etc etc and i love chocolates … it always connects to my innocence. I love to cherish every moment of life as much as every bite of chocolate.

So what are you waiting for… get set ready to steal chocolates on this Friendship Day and Raksha Bandhan. Lets express Love, for Love is Relishing every bite of others Chocolate. CHOCOLATE IS FUN – ANYTIME, ANY MOMENT 😀 :P.

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