Giving is Receiving… LOVE

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Saturday we had our first event, at Infinity Mall, Starbucks. A day before, Friday evening we were excited – creating posters, updating website, writing letters and notes, preparing checklist to carry everything we need for event like color pens, sketch pens, crayons, color papers, books to read in between, a small cute handouts to be created and printed, basket. Every bit of preparation on Friday is LOVE MOMENTS for us. We didn’t knew where to place the poster… guess what… we carried laptop and stuck our poster on laptop. 🙂

Here’s the picture



This was creative. We loved it.

We reached Starbucks at 2pm. For 3 hours we didn’t have anyone coming up to us. But everyone stared at us – while moving in, while moving out, the one’s who were in cafe, the staff. Few even smiled at us. Their eyes and facial expression expressed curiosity. It was like they were waiting to someone to take initiative and come to our table. We were being observant. We loved it. We were chilling reading books and sipping our expresso and chocolate machiatto. We chatted. We were enjoying each moment. After 3 hours, i found 3 people next my table winding up. I smiled and said, “hey!! Would you like to pick up a note” they smiled and asked, whats this for… we said.. nothing its just a love note, we are spreading love. Each of them picked up a note and were delighted. It surprised them! They asked us if were listening to their conversations?? We smiled… said.. no.. we prepared these notes at home 🙂 They had a brief chat with us! and they were more than happy and glad to share a feedback. Would you like to read it? Here it is..



It gave us goosebumps of 1000 times more excitement. We took our notes basket to every table at Starbucks. After reading notes many people came to our table with biggggg broadddd SMILE.. saying.. Thank you! For this lovely note. Whats this all about? And we start sharing about us. We delighted everyone’s day. We made someone smile. Our notes showed some sign to someone. Made someone feel special. Made someone’s day. Made everyone feel “BEING LOVED”

That’s what we want. We love you all. While giving this love we received love that can never be quantified.

Lets make someone from our life feel special. Lets make our friend feel special, lets make our colleagues feel special, lets make our siblings feel special. Lets make our parents feel special.

Feeling is a gift that remains forever. Have you ever heard… feel the feelings behind someones gift!!feelings remain forever.

Today people lost touch with each other at personal level and only depend on whatsapp, emails, facebook etc. When was the last you expressed your feelings to someone via paper and pen – handwritten.

I recollect what Pluto says in movie Dil Dhadakne Do… “yeh insaan bhi bade ajeeb hote hai. Jisse kehna hota hai usse kehte nahi hai… Insaan bol sakte hai par jo bolna chahiye aur jisse bolna chahiye woh nahi bolte”…. “agar pyar ka izhaar karna ho yaa pyar jatana ho toh woh nahi kar paate par agar nafrat jatani ho to ek baar bhi nahi sochte” (somewhat similar dialogue).

If you want to express love to someone from your life but don’t have time or have difficulty in writing yourself. We will write it for you.

You Request. We Express. They Feel….. Love in letters.

Love you!

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