Just imagine, a letter, in your name, at your doorstep. Totally normal right!?

But now imagine, opening it and finding out oodles of love on a piece of paper. Thinking that someone took some time out of their day and wrote you that letter. Imagine the love that overwhelms you, imagine the feeling of knowing that someone out there was thinking of  you.
 Thats it, thats the feeling we want to deliver – without boundaries, word limits or filters…
We are bringing back the old fashioned paper and pen way to send love across. In this virtual world, people have literally forgotten the way it feels to receive a call or physical handwritten letter on birthday or any other festivals. Today, we spend more time on facebook / whatsapp / etc. Wish people on occasions and festivals online. Our real feelings become our social media status and messages. People are too busy to write letters, hesitant or shy to say how much you matter to them and how much they love you!
We are here to revive traditional or non-technological ways to express and communicate world’s most beautiful feeling called LOVE.
LOVE for yourself
LOVE for your family
LOVE for your friends
LOVE for your colleagues
LOVE for neighbors
LOVE for strangers
LOVE for friends who eventually became your family.
GRATITUDE for all of the above…
LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL when expressed and communicated.
LOVE IS INTANGIBLE and can only be felt! Whom do you want to express your love?
Lets revive traditional LOVE that connects A HEART TO A HEART and not 1 online account to another online account.
LOVE IS LOVE, not an online formality!
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